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Use this form to generate a list of amateur repeaters to your specifications from the New England Repeater Directory master database.
You can also plot the first 20 locations from your search results on Google Maps.
This websearch engine was developed for NERD by Bob, K1IW.

For a search covering amateur repeaters in neighboring New York, see the database search on our sister site;
For a search covering repeaters and broadcast transmitters in all of the United States and Canada, see Bob, K1IW's Websearch.

List all repeaters within miles of  .   

List only the closest repeater for each frequency.
Show systems noted as off the air (OFF).

Enter location in the form of City, ST.  Use a comma after town name and the USPS standard two-letter abbreviation for the state.
Alternately, you can enter the Latitude/Longitude in the form DDMMSSN/DDMMSSW.
Band(s): 6 Meters
2 Meters
222 MHz
440 MHz
902 MHz
1.2 GHz
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Case Sensitive

You may enter a text string which must appear somewhere in the record in order for that record to be displayed.
If you leave this field blank, no filter will be applied.

For example, enter Quincy to only display repeaters that have "Quincy" somewhere in their record.
To filter by frequency, leave out the decimal point.  For example, enter 146730 for 146.730.
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